Moxey VIP Health

Let us worry about your Physical Health for you!

What is the Moxey VIP Care Program?

Moxey VIP Care Program is the ultimate care program for someone looking to make their posture, mobility, and physical health a priority in their life. You will have access to all of Moxey Health services without ever waiting for care. As a VIP client we will always be available to help with your Physical Health Needs.

  1. Priority / Same day appointment availability
  2. 24/7 Phone / text support
  3. We will be your Physical Therapy Health Advocate
  4. We’ve taking clients shopping for shoes, bikes, ect…
  5. Monthly Moxey Health Maintenance Digital Program Included
  6. Moxey Postural alignment assessment Included
  7. Whatever you need to feel better, we’ve got your back!