What is Moxey Postural Therapy?

Do you want to stand up straighter or learn how to have good posture when sitting? Moxey Postural Therapy improves your posture and your skeletal alignment through a proprietary assessment and treatment sequence by a licensed Moxey Physical Therapist. Many research articles also now support that improved posture leads to improved mobility and decreased pain.

How Does Posture Therapy work?

The 1st step is identifying if you have a postural problem or just bad posture habits. They are very different problems and Moxey Health Providers are experts in the field.

  1. Using your smartphone, we quickly take a objective measure of your posture.
  2. Through very specialized Moxey Manual Physical Therapy techniques, we will “Sculpt” your body into the most ideal posture for you.
  3. We will teach you very specific posture exercises to do at home to reinforce your progress. We will also update the exercises over time.
  4. Lastly, and most important, we will teach you how to use proper dynamic posture and body mechanics to move in your world pain free.