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What is Moxey Health?

Moxey Health is the comprehensive solution to eliminating chronic musculoskeletal pain. Moxey health is an industry leader in musculoskeletal health, physical therapy, education, and injury prevention. We provide outpatient clinical services, telehealth, online content, courses, and products. We are not alternative PT providers, we are just more experienced, highly specialized, highly trained, and better understand the common reasons why people hurt or do not get better in traditional health care settings. Moxey Health knows how to help you live a pain free life.

Our Advantages

Health Care that YOU Control!

Our technology and systems allows YOU to manage your appointments. YOU also have a voice in your frequency of care, costs, and care plan.

We are Industry Leading Specialists

We are highly trained in Orthopedic care, Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilizations, Posture Training, Biomechanics, and Exercise

Function Driven Care

When you focus on function, you will do more, move better, and pain disappears!

Head to Toe Care

Unlike Traditional Insurance based care, we will Evaluate you from head to toe and address all your Physical Health needs without the back and forth trips to you doctor.

Complete Physical Health Care

Evaluation, Treatment, Referrals, prevention, products....We provide everything you need to get better and stay Healthy

Trusted Network

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Amelia Brodka

Skateboarder, Exposure Skate co-founder, Olympian.

High tech human touch

Meet the Team

Steve Moxey
Physical Therapist

A Physical Therapist for more than 10 years, Stephen G. Moxey excels at treating all orthopedic injuries from sprains to chronic pain, but has focused his career on treating orthopedic injuries and integrated sports performance enhancement...

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Karissa Moore
Physical Therapist

Karissa Moreland is a licensed physical therapist with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She graduated, with highest honors, from the University of St. Augustine in 2012. Since graduation, she has taken multiple advanced courses in orthopedic manual therapy...

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