Providing high quality care since 2002.

After suffering with chronic low back pain for years due to college athletics and poor posture, founder Stephen Moxey, MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT started to study and research the best approaches to eliminate his pain. While in search of healing and more functional ways of living, Stephen began working as a practitioner in the field of physical therapy. Over the last 20 years, Moxey Health has slowly evolved with one mission in mind. How to truly solve and eliminate chronic pain for good! Decades later, Moxey Health has accomplished that mission. Moxey Health is the comprehensive solution to eliminating chronic musculoskeletal pain. Stephen Moxey learned personally how frustrating and narrow focused the traditional physical therapy and medical care system is for treating pain. After PT school, countless hours of research, numerous certifications, and training across many different modalities, Stephen learned that the key to eliminating pain is through a comprehensive approach of improving your mobility, posture, strength, flexibility, body mechanics, and lifestyle habits. You also have to learn how to be more mindful in order to heal and eliminate some of the chronic stressors that we all accumulate. Moxey Health knows how to help you live a pain free life. We are not alternative PT providers, we are just more experienced, highly specialized, highly trained, and better understand the reasons why people hurt or do not get better with traditional health care.

Our Mission

To eliminate chronic musculoskeletal pain! We also aim to educate providers and the public so that chronic pain will not be a continued strain to our society.

Our Philosophy

The Moxey Health Difference:

  1. (Hands on care) We use Better hands on assessments and care
  2. (Technology) We use the latest technology, latest research, but stick to the basics
  3. (Listening) we listen and We put you in control of your health care decisions and NOT the insurance company
  4. (Immediacy) We always strive to help you within 24 hours so there is no waiting for care. We also offer immediate patient controlled appointment booking on our site.
  5. (Education) We educate you on all your options, lifestyle risk factors, and refer you within our trusted network if needed
  6. (Research) we practice scientific, evidenced based care.
  7. (Determination) with every setback There is always an opportunity to change and improve. We help you navigate.
  8. (Respect) we are judgment free providers who only want you to succeed and help you reach your goals. (Whatever that might be…)