We will evaluate your pain, treat your problem and teach you how to live a pain free life.

About our Physical Therapy services

Are you suffering from pain? Or, have you been to many other providers and are still hurting? Let a Moxey Health Physical Therapist help you eliminate your pain today.

Your 60′ Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment session includes the following:

  1. Physical Health and Pain Concern Discussion
  2. Head to Toe Physical Exam with a Moxey Health Movement Screen
  3. Hands on Treatment Session
  4. Home Exercise Program
  5. Education

By the Numbers

Over 20 years Experience in Physical Therapy. Moxey Health has helped over 1600 clients in the past 10 years with an average length of care of 5.2 visits per client. We’ve Helped at least 10 Olympic Athletes make their dreams come true and counting… Countless Grandparents can now play with their grandkids pain free…

Moxey Health PT vs Standard Insurance Based PT

Moxey Health Physical Therapy vs Others
Time with Provider All your Treatment time is with a Licensed Moxey Health Physical Therapist Most of your treatment time is with an unlicensed PT aide
Training Advanced training in Orthopedics and Fellowships in Manual Therapy Techniques ?
# Session allowed Up to 6 wks without Rx: Unlimited with Rx. Limited by your Insurance plan
Decision Maker YOU! The Insurance Company
Access New Clients are seen within 24-48 hours May take weeks to see a Provider
On-going Support Once you are a client you are family! We are your advocate for any Physical Health Concerns and will help you set up a long term Health Maintenance Program ?
Multiple Pains Problems We will Evaluate you from Head to Toe and address all pain questions that you have Typical Insurance care will only authorize treatment to one body region at a time
Costs: On Average: 5.2 visits = $535.00 On Average 12-24 visits at 40$ copay= $480-$960.00

Common Conditions Treated

  1. Back Pain
  2. Low back pain
  3. Neck Pain / Tech Neck
  4. Cervicogenic Dizziness
  5. Shoulder Pain
  6. Frozen Shoulder
  7. Hip pain
  8. Joint Replacements
  9. Rib pain
  10. SI Joint pain and how to unlock SI joint by yourself
  11. Running with back pain
  12. Running with knee pain
  13. Plantar fasciitis
  14. Headaches
  15. TMJ and jaw joint pain on one side
  16. Pinched nerve / paresthesia
  17. Failed back surgery syndrome
  18. Post-laminectomy syndrome