Moxey Health believes in Concierge Care for All

We have very simple pricing to keep health care simple for you.

Services (In Person or Virtual)Cost
Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation $175
Physical Therapy 60' Session $165
Physical Therapy 30' Session $90
Moxey Health Maintenance Digital Program $50/month
VIP Care Please call. Numbers are limited
Massage Therapy 90' Session Coming Soon
Massage Therapy 60' Session Coming Soon


Why do you not accept Insurance?

We believe that you should be in control your health outcomes, not the insurance company. We can only provide you with the highest level of personalized care by operating out-of-network with insurance companies.

Can I use my Insurance?

In some cases, yes. We do not submit the claim, but you may be able to be reimbursed from your insurance company if you are non-Medicare and have an “out-of-network” Physical Therapy benefits insurance plan. We will provide you with all the necessary receipts to submit the claim.

What if I can’t afford Moxey Health but still want to be seen?

We participate with They will pay for your care with a Moxey Health Physical Therapist if you qualify. Click on this link if interested.